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Owners Gerry and Sandy Gathje are garden enthusiasts and love the art of live beautification. It is said that Hillside is "Your Green By Design Destination!" "Green by Design?" Because of the healthy glow from plants that are raised by the Gathje's and created by God. Also because they are not trucked to their nursery, thus good for the earth. "Destination?" It's more then a Garden Center, it is a true destination complete with gardens, inspiration, family fun and more. Oh and the word "Your?" Because it is all for you!

Something Special For Everyone!

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Hours of Operation and Events 
Early Spring Hours
Monday                      9:00am to 6:00pm 
Tuesday                      CLOSED          
Wednesday                9:00am to 6:00pm 
Thursday                    CLOSED
Friday                          9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday                     8:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday                        CLOSED       

Or By Appointment
For Questions Or Gift Certificates Call 507-867-3643




GREAT 2021!


APRIL 15TH 2022

Seasonal Offerings . . .

At Hillside Nursery and Garden Center we offer just about everything. In many of the departments we offer one of the largest varieties in our corner of Minnesota and in the others just what is most needed.


Display Gardens

The Little Farm Attraction

         Complete with Baby Animals!

Annuals Grown  On Site,

Tropicals  & House Plants


Trees (Bare Root )

         Fruit, Ornamental, Deciduous

Shrubs, Hardy Roses

Succulents, Air Plants, Cacti

Vegetable Starts, Herbs


Pottery, Containers​

Gift Shop 

Plant Food, Garden Solutions

Bulk Mulch, Bagged Mulch


         Hillside Premium Potting Soil

         Organic Compost Manure

         Top Soil (Bagged)

Seasonal Fundraisers &

Planting Parties

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FALL  Fun and  Mums

Countdown To Spring 2021 Facebook Event

An annual Facebook Event Beginning March 6th and running till yes, that's right . . . SPRING! Hillside will prove that spring is just around the corner and also show off some beautiful tantalizing color and spring fashion that will bring just a bit . . . no, A LOT-A-BIT OF EXCITEMENT as the March calendar progresses on. Read more by clicking the below button.

Mother's Day Celebration & 22nd Annual Open House


These are three of the most exciting days of the whole season. Temperatures are usually beginning to warm and we can celebrate new beginnings. You're invited to this free annual family fun event! Read more by clicking the below button.

Kids Day

Kids Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world. At Hillside Nursery we like to say that it is "KIDS DAY EVERYDAY!" Much of the the experience here centers around simply having fun . . . Read more by clicking the below button.

A Note From Gerry & Sandy

 Hillside Nursery was  a  dream that is now a reality and it has a very special place in our heart.s.


We hope that  you will know that all along you have had an intricate part in this dream and because of  you it has grown to be a destination enjoyed by so many.

Thank-you  for the many visits and for to those of you who are yet to wonder  our   way. 

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Music On The Farm

This group is amazing and will swing by after attending a Bluegrass Festival on Saturday and will be here for us to appreciate. These musicians love their music and enjoy playing as a group and we know that you will love hearing from them . . . Read more by clicking the below button.

Balloon Day On The Farm

Plan to join us at Hillside Nursery for some balloon art and lots of fun by Kevin Lindh - "The Midwest's Premier Balloon Artist"  Wait till you see him in action . . . Read more by clicking the below button.

Plant A Vegetable Patch

GROWING your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding plus it's an empowering activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.  With some decent soil and a few plants growing your own vegetables becomes terrific exercise, puts you in touch with nature, and can help reduce household food expenses.  Read more by clicking the below button.